Travel Notes : Seaside

seaside beach trip

Travel notes:

a road trip to SEASIDE, FL

For my birthday, Christian and I traveled to the coast and spent the day side by side with the sea, pun intended.

Christian and I live in Florida. Florida typically means heat. Lot of heat. Which means = I WANT THE OCEAN!
However, unlike when we lived in Palm Beach, we do not live walking distance to the ocean anymore. A nice crystal water & white sand beach is a good 2.5 hour drive... (if you just moaned out loud, so did I.)

To be honest, the length of the drive isn't that big of an issue to me since Christian is amazing and always does all the driving. I always offer to split up the time but he never budges.
Almost as if he doesn't trust me driving...
I honestly don't care though because I get to nap or DJ. And those two things are like two of my favorite things. 



  • First stop: coffee at Black Bear (we ate b-fast before we got in the car, but I was so tempted to eat a second breakfast because their food looked delicious!).
  • We parked in town and went to the beach! Finding a parking spot may take a while but the town is so cute that you just sightsee until you find a spot ha. There are umbrella and chair rentals on the beach. Pricey, but worth it, unless you pack your own! 
  • After a few hours in the water we rinsed off and changed at the nice public restrooms at the beach and headed to lunch at Bud & Alleys rooftop. Great selection of food & drinks but the view is the best part!
  • Then, we walked around town to shop & grab ice cream. 

Seaside is seriously the perfect all-in-one spot. So many food options, a variety of cute boutiques, and the beach. What a perfect blend!

I hope you can make it to seaside soon...


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