The best day of our lives

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March 24, 2018 : the day I married my best friend.

Christian and I met in High School at a basketball game. I was 16 and thought he was so cute (and funny). 

A mutual friend introduced us, we hung out in groups a few times, he asked for my number, and we were inseparable after that. We got along so well, our friend groups merged, we would surf together after school, text non-stop... but, ask anyone, we were "just friends!"

Christian finally "officially" asked me to be his girlfriend a year later. I don't know how I hung on that long ha. 

We dated 6 years. We were long distance the first two years as Christian went to college in Virginia. He then transferred to my school (Florida State!) which was so fun to finally be in the same city!
We went on endless sorority and fraternity functions. He'd drop me off at my sorority house where I lived after our date nights. We'd take road trips with our friends, study late at the library, run into each other on campus. 

We only "broke up" once, for a few months, and it was the best thing that happened to our relationship. I know, it sounds strange, but if you've been there you know what I mean. 

No matter the ups and downs, or time of year, throughout the 6 years of dating we always had a special spot...
Go behind the little blue church, through the beautiful garden, past the fountain, and you'll find a bench on a little beach overlooking the water. Quiet and peaceful, almost magical. 

We took prom pictures at our spot (scroll down for prom photo). We'd grab bagels first thing on a Saturday morning and head to our spot to just sit and talk. He first said "I love you" at our spot. We cried some and laughed a lot at our spot. We wrote letters to each other at our spot.

And, we got married at our spot! 

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Wedding 2018 Prom 2011

Wedding 2018 Prom 2011