Travel Notes: Nashville, TN


weekend getaway

to Nashville, TN

When Hillsong United released their tour dates I asked Christian for tickets for my Christmas gift! Since I had never been to Nashville, I figured it would make for a perfect weekend trip!
We took off work Friday so we’d have a long weekend & opted to drive so we’d have a car to explore with! With 7 hours in the car we had plenty of time to plan a weekend that fit everything in!

The weekend Guide :

  • Day one, Thursday, we arrived into town around 2:00 pm and decided to just pull up into the heart of Nashville. We found parking near broadway (OMG parking is very expensive) and hopped on some scooters to explore! I definitely recommend using the scooters. Makes for a fun way to cover lots of ground while also cooling off haha. We grabbed a pre-dinner drink at ACME and sat on the rooftop! We scooter-ed across the walking bridge and then headed to an early happy hour & bite to eat at Pinewood Social, highly recommend! We have family that lives in Nashville so we were lucky enough to see them & stay with them for the weekend.

  • Day two, Friday, we woke up early to get in line for biscuits at Biscuit Love. We then walked up and down 12 ave. S. - a well known area for boutique shopping, coffee shops, and food! I absolutely loved this part of Nashville because we could take our time just strolling! We grabbed a coffee at Frothy Monkey, stopped in Reece Witherspoons store, got a pair of earrings at Madewell, stumbled upon the flower truck, stopped in a super cute homegoods store and found a ceramic egg carton to bring back to our apartment, and finished our afternoon with ice cream at Jennis! We had walked a few miles and decided to head back to where we were staying to freshen up before dinner! We went to happy hour at The Sutler ! By far one of the most low key but super fun bars I have ever been to, and the happy hour deals and food were on point!! We then headed to Martins BBQ for Dinner.

  • Day three, Saturday, we traveled to Murfreesboro to take a Garage Barre class! Being a fitness studio owner, whenever I travel I love to take classes in that city! It’s a fun way to stay active while vacationing but also meet fellow entrepreneurs in the same field! I had been following Garage Barre on Instagram for almost a year, and when I realized how close they were to Nashville I had to hop over for a morning class! Christian explored the area during my class, then we had breakfast at the diner there and then drove back to Nashville (had to stop at Nordstrom Rack on the way!) The Hillsong conference was downtown that evening so we parked in the gulch area to see some murals, shop, watch the derby & have a drink at The Pub Nashville, then ate dinner at Otaku Ramen before the concert!

  • Day four, Sunday, woke up early for another coffee at the Barista Parlor - so good! Breakfast at Stay Golden (ummmm this place reminded me of Bali. Bright colors, cute interior decor and trendy bathrooms, yummy food!) Then had to of course burn off some of our brunch, so convinced Christian to hop over to shop Amelia Styles before we hit the road back home to Tallahassee.

Garage Barre has the cutest studio and neon sign

No joke this was us in our rain-jackets AND ponchos at the Hillsong conference where we stood in the rain for 2.5 hours straight.

Stay Golden is a MUST for brunch in Nashville- How cute?!

The Murals

  • Draper James - Blue stripe wall outside Reese Witherspoons shop. Honestly, a lot of cute murals up and down 12th ave

  • I Believe in Nashville - Immediately across the street from the striped wall at Draper James!

  • Nashville #WhatLiftsYou Wings Mural - Located in “the gulch” area of Nashville. The polka dot mural in the picture all the way to the left was across the street from the wings.

  • Nashville looks good on you - Hidden in the parking lot behind the Frothy Monkey location on 12th ave. s.!

  • “Me:” Taylor swift mural was up when we were visiting, but the line was SOOOO long. I think it was only kept up for a few weeks sadly!

The Food


Videos from our trip!