Favorite Skincare Routine


My secret obsession is skincare. I NEVER go to bed without washing my face.
Christian is always so confused by the amount of skincare products I have (and encourage him to use with me haha).

I think one main reason I enjoy taking care of my face, besides the obvious of it making me feel so bougie, is that it helps me not have to wear much makeup!

The clearer and wrinkle free my skin is, the less of a need to cover up my face!
And, I really don’t like makeup. So, I rather invest in my skin then my makeup products to cover up my face…

FYI- this post is NOT sponsored- all opinions are my own.

Here are some of my FAV products I have been using for over a year! Best part? This brand bands over 2000 ingredients from their products. Most US companies ban 3-5. Also- they’re all botanically based products formulated without animal-derived ingredients!

  • CLEAN - My cleanser is beyond light and fluffy - and this one bottle has lasted me over a year! I use half a dime size and it is more than enough!

  • SCRUB - Nothing like an exfoliant every so often! I love the feeling of scrub on my face, but I’ve read so many articles about how damaging some of them can be for your face. I knew if I wanted to continue exfoliating I had to find one that was not harmful to my skin! This polish is made with exfoliants from lingonberry and apricot to gently buff away dull surface skin cells! It feel amazing.

  • TONE - Sometimes just washing my face doesn’t get off every particle of dirt or makeup - so I absolutely love using toner. It’s like a magic eraser for your face! Make sure you get one that is alcohol free. Alcohol can strip the face of it’s natural moisture.

  • SERUM - The best way to lock-in moisture and prevent wrinkles!!! I love serums - If you don’t use one, you are missing a major step in your skincare routine!

  • MASK - Oooh my gosh. This detox mask is bomb. After 5 minutes I literally can see my oil pours clearing out. See what I mean on my Instagram story highlight here.

  • GEL EYE MASK - #maskmonday ! I put these bad boys on every Monday - gives me something to look forward to and make me feel refreshed & ready to tackle the week! They are like liquid gold - & I store them in the fridge so they stay extra cool!

  • NIGHT - Ok, out of every product I think this is my favorite. This little bottle lasted me about 13 months. Every single night this bad boy feels like I’m putting cozy pj’s on my face. If you don’t use a night cream - I don’t care how old you are - it’s a must!

  • SPF - While I don’t use it as much as I should, I love having the option to use a moisturizer that has spf. I’m not one to remember putting on straight up sunscreen when in the sun - so this is super convenient and protect smy skin from sun damage on any day outside!

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