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If you didn’t know, I work from home! Actually, I can work from anywhere… coffee shops, the pool, my porch, my bed, or my home office. (Isn’t it cute?)

I figured I’d FINALLY share my story of what lead me to work from home & how I stay productive and efficient even when my bed is screaming my name!

It’s been TWO years since I opened my business. And I haven’t shared a peep about it on my blog. Honestly, I just didn’t want to. I didn’t have any additional energy. I have been in grind survival mode since opening my business.

Wait, what business?
Let me introduce you to, Drip Drop Fitness! The most amazing cardio dance workout. Ever.

I thought you were into fashion? … you started a fitness studio?
I always enjoyed playing sports and being active growing up. As I got to college I would do my best to go to the campus gym, maybe pinch my few dollars together to take a class here or there, but it was never something that I prioritized, looked forward to, or found enjoyment doing.

Fast forward to my Senior year of college and interning in NYC… I hadn’t turned 21 quite yet, so after-work drinks weren’t in my schedule. I was working in the flatiron district and on my walk from the subway to my office I legit passed 4 different fitness studios.
They were colorful, energetic, packed with people, music blasting, had lit instructors and crazy followings on social media— and for once looked fun.

After returning back to Florida to finish up school, I immediately searched for a studio comparable to the energy and uniqueness I found in NYC - only to come up short. So short.
So, I figured, why not create a brand, a studio, a community that was unlike any offering in town, reminded women of a night out, and had them looking FORWARD to exercising?!

So, with NO background in starting a business, no training in dance or fitness, and not having graduated yet, I decided I would bring this awesome idea in my head to Tallahassee.

Sometimes I look back and think to myself “What we’re you thinking?”! I am somewhat grateful I was naive at 22 because had I known all the struggles, tears, and complications to starting a business I don’t know if I would have done it!

Photos by : @kkphotoss

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One of the hardest and strangest parts about starting a business is being your own boss.
You have no one to report to, rely on, or ask for help. You set your schedule.
You can wakeup whenever you want to, honestly.
The buck stops with you - and at the end of the day if you don’t shut your computer and phone off, you’ll work all night. Some days you feel productive like you’ve conquered the world, others you feel discouraged because you might have just done busy management tasks all day to keep the business running (if you own a business/are an entrepreneur - you’re probably nodding you’re head right now) It’s a somewhat of a lonely path - hard to explain and hard

It took me over a year and a half until I found my grove (and quite honestly my grove still changes and it doesn’t feel perfect.) However, I thought it would be fun and maybe helpful to some of you to share some tips that have helped me be successful & motivated while working from home & being my own boss.

  1. Get a BAD ASS planner!

    • Every Sunday I map out the week ahead. Taking just 30 minutes to set goals, plan meals, and write down any deadlines.

    • And every morning I map out specific tasks I need to accomplish on THAT day. I usually draw check boxes next to each thing - it’s rewarding to check something off.

    • One thing I recently started doing: writing down things I had accomplished that weren’t on my to do list but popped up and I solved/fixed immediately.

    • At the end of the day you can look back and see ALL you accomplished, rather than just thinking you did “stuff” all day or think “What did I even do today?”

  2. Set up a home office

    • It wasn’t until a few months after moving with my husband that I took the time to create a work space for me. I ordered a desk on amazon and spent hours just cleaning, organizing, and creating a space that was welcoming and comfortable to work at all day. A place that didn’t feel like “home.”

    • Invest in this! If you want a pink chair, get a pink chair! If you need double monitors, budget for them! The business should pay for this! Anything that makes it a motivating and inviting place for you to create and work hard is worth it!

    • I invested in a fancy mouse (#carpaltunnel if you work on a laptop), double monitors, blue light glasses, a posture trainer, filing folders, pens that I LOVE, painted an accent wall, and hung up my diplomas to make it even more #girlboss!

  3. Make a weekly schedule

    • Listen, I CANNOT work from home every day all day. If I did - I’d go insane and it gets lonely! Unless my phone rings I could go all day not talking to anyone, but coco! Social interaction is key. For that reason I have specific days I schedule meetings or go to coffee shops to get out of the house!

    • Example? Mondays I usually am the most overwhelmed with emails and my Monday evenings are usually super busy, so I prefer to just jam out on my double monitors at home. Tuesdays I meet up with a friend that also works from home & we “co-work” at a coffee shop. Wednesdays I do a lot of calling- so I usually stay home, and Fridays I schedule any meetings!

    • See what I mean? It gives you structure. Instead of waking up without an agenda and just a ton to do, you wake up on Wednesday and know exactly what your mission is that day of the week.

  4. Coffee break? Lunch break?

    • Sometimes I’ll go until 2 without having eaten! So, I always try to remember: Schedule breaks! Whether I put the dog in the car and we drive for a to-go coffee, or I plan to listen to a podcast while eating lunch at home, I try to give myself at least a little break! It’s so temping to just sit on your computer all day!!

    • If you don’t have a meeting one week, still go out! I try to treat myself to lunch once a week so I don’t feel like I’m eating all 3 meals at home! It gets me up from the desk and some fresh air!

    • I try not to go out to coffee every day because hello, hubby would not be happy! I’ve found FIZZ STICKS are life and have a natural caffeine kick- and contain vitamins! I try not to drink coffee everyday even though its so tempting!

  5. Treat yourself with love

    • It’s funny when you’re your own boss and the success of the business is on your shoulders you tend to treat yourself a lot harsher. Guilt kicks in when you need a nap or decide to work from the pool instead of your desk. When you’re on someone elses’ dime, (aka a desk job working for someone else) taking a coffee break every day, or showing up a few minutes late, or texting during work doesn’t seem “too bad.” I find myself putting so much pressure on my shoulders to accomplish the world in one day. So treating myself in little ways helps me stay sane.

      • I really love my “Joy” and “Stress Away” oils! I apply them on my temples and wrists pretty much every day!

      • Another “treat” is my chiropractor appointments. I have horrible posture and I go weekly to get adjusted!

      • “I’m not in a cubical- so enjoy it!!” I have to tell myself this all the time! Forcing myself to work outside at least once a week, or from my couch, or at a coffee shop is fine!!

    • My mom reminded me the other day that entrepreneurs don’t just risk everything and give everything to their business for there to be NO reward!! If you’ve started a business and are making a new path for your life, you deserve to enjoy the little moments! I’m currently sitting outside in a lawn chair at the pool. Because I can! Sure, somedays the stress boils over and I think how much better life would be with a cubicle and 9-5. But I remember how hard I’ve worked! And if I’m able to work from the pool chairs or I’m able to take a nap today, then so be it.

Photos by : @kkphotoss

Do you work from home?! Are you an entrepreneur?? What tips helps you stay on track and not slip back in to bed?
Let me know in the comments bellow!