I'm back...

I haven't written a blog post in over a year! 
There isn't really an explanation other than 4 letters... L I F E. 

Let me think of all that has happened since I last posted on my blog...
- I graduated Grad school
- Opened a brick & mortar business ( Drip Drop Fitness - which I hope to share the story of someday soon)
- Worked a corporate job on the side to financially support me while starting my own business
- Got engaged
- Moved twice
- Got married (click here for all the wedding pictures!)
- Honeymooned
- Moved again
- left my job to work on my startup business full time
- And I'm just now catching my breath...

So that's why I'm back... I think I can do it again. I've taken a breather, freshened up, and now am back. 

Sure, I would have loved to posted/blogged all throughout the above blessings and journeys but I didn't have it in me. I couldn't get out of bed some mornings. I battled the most anxiety I have ever faced in my life throughout that season. And I was living and enjoying the present.

But, throughout all the time off, anytime mermaid would pop into my mind, I'd feel bummed- as if I had let something good go to waste. (yes, I address my blog as 'mermaid' not 'my blog' because that's so impersonal) 
I started Mermaid when I was 17? I think. 
And honestly, I have no clue who even read it. Probably my close friends and mom ha. 
But it was a fun creative outlet I worked hard on and enjoyed sharing. I built something and I'm not ready to let it fade.

I've revamped, cleaned up, and pretty much am starting fresh on here. 
I will transfer over old posts eventually - but it takes a lot of time! So, cheers to a fresh new start.

I'm excited to bring mermaid back. To focus on sharing more of LIFE and my husband on here. To learn more about photography and editing. To exercise my creative muscle.

Thanks for reading :) and I hope my stories and photos light a fire in yourself to explore, ask questions, and feel inspired.
Or, at least makes you laugh at my husband (check my IG stories). He's the best.

What do you want to see more of? Have you wanted to start a blog? Need some tips or encouragment? 
What do you want me to write a post on? 
Comment with some fun ideas!