How to design your Christmas Card

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How to:

Design your Christmas card

Are you the type of person that celebrates EVERYTHING christmas beginning November 1st? Or, do you wait until after Thanksgiving to break out the decorations and Hallmark movies?

I am 100% the wait until after Thanksgiving type! I like to enjoy the fall, pumpkins, spiked cider, and flannel.

Since recently getting married, moving into our home, and beginning a life together I really wanted to create and send out our first Christmas card as “The Griffiths”!
Basic Invite makes it super easy to customize and get creative with your christmas card!
I opted for THIS more tropical theme and used a photo from our honeymoon. It’s also fitting since we live in Florida and not everyone we’re sending these to live in warm weather!
Basic Invite also offers corporate christmas cards, printed christmas cards, and tri fold holiday cards !!

Head to and browse all the different styles of Holiday Cards!

Customize it! Select colors, fonts, and make sure to upload a picture!

Pick the best shipping option for you to make sure your cards arrive on time! You can address them yourself, or use Basic Invite’s feature to address and send out for you!

how to design holiday card