Travel Notes : Waco, TX


The Silos

food trucks, sun, and shopping

Anyone a big Chip & Jo fan? My sister-in-law graduated from Baylor and we went to Waco to celebrate (and do some typical touring.)

I absolutely love Fixer Upper, but man did I feel one upped. People all over the silos were referencing certain episodes, buying bags and bags of souvenirs, and I overheard multiple people share they came to Texas JUST to see the silos.

Hats off to chip & jo for creating such a gold mine.

Been wanting to visit? Here's


the guide 

  • It's best to go before noon because it gets suuuuper hot and crowded. Parking can be hard- you'll see lots you can park in but people guard them and you usually have to pay. We found parking on a side street just a couple blocks away
  • Expect to wait in a very long line if you want a cupcake from the bakery. I semi-regret that I didn't wait in line to go inside, but its your call!
  • YUMMY food trucks await so go with an empty stomach. We also opted in for sweet tea in these huge mason jars we got to keep ( with reusable straws )
  • The actual magnolia shop is super cool to see! However, probably 50%- 70% of the things you can get in waco you can get at their brand with Target. I convinced Christian to OK the purchase of a tee and mug. I felt those were justifiable keepsake memories & was pretty certain I couldn't find those items anywhere else.

The trip as a whole was awesome! Seeing the silos in person, walking Baylor University's campus & learning more about their history and traditions, fueling up at the local coffee shops (common grounds), and spending time with my new family was a treat! 

If you've been wanting to go, just go! You can do it all in a 3-day-weekend! Or, make it a bigger trip and see Austin or Dallas on your way in! Either way, you know what they say, everything's bigger in Texas. And that has nothing to do with my post, but just wanted to end on a fun note, Y'ALL. 

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black tank // sandals // crossbody purse // sunnies // denim shorts

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