Travel Notes: BALI - Pt. 1


I’m dividing our Bali trip post in to 3 parts! Mainly because we visited 3 different areas of the country during our stay…

First off, the infamous Canggu!

This place was rad!

So, we arrived in Bali around midnight, and had a driver pick us up to take us to our Airbnb. So when we got to our Airbnb it was dark and we had to go straight to sleep to fight the jetlag. When we wok up we were in Bali! We rented a scooter from the owner of the Airbnb ($3/day - and thats expensive for bali) since that is the main way of transportation!

Canggu is more of a hipster, laid back, beach vibe village. There are trendy dining options everywhere (i’ll get into more detail for that), super cute retail shops, rice fields, acai bowl places, and of course the beach!

Day one

  • Woke up and headed straight to breakfast! Açaí and avo toast @milkandmadu

  • Took the scooter to Batu Bolong beach per @taramichellebrose ‘s suggestion & rented some boards to go surfing! (Don’t get ripped off by the locals, I think we paid $7 for maybe 2 hours! Women will come up and try to sell their handmade jewelry. You can kindly talk to them but no obligation to purchase. The beach is open to all! You can also rent beach chairs to lay on.)

  • Worked up an appetite surfing, so we jumped on the scooter in our bathing suits and had some delicious juices and wraps @theloftbali ! SOOO good.

  • Headed back to our villa for a dip in our pool & freshened up for dinner before hopping on the scooter in a skirt and tube top. A first for everything in bali.

    • (I totally recommend the Airbnb path for traveling in bali, specifically Canggu. Hotels can be flooded/club-y, and overpriced. There are so many Airbnb options at an amazing price.)

  • Grabbed a beer & watched the sunset over the ocean. My gosh does Bali have breathtaking sunsets! (the Balinese beer is called “Bintang” - you have to be careful about drinking mixed or frozen drinks because of the alcohol. They mix it sometimes with their locally made alcohol called arak - which can contain up to 50% alcohol and if not brewed correctly can contain methanol. Beware.)

  • Headed to dinner @roticanaicanggu , for signature Balinese “sate” and “roti”. Sate is chicken cooked on this special type of pan/grill. You see locals cooking it on the side of the road, like how you would see pretzels being sold on the streets in NYC. ha. I advise NOT eating it from locals. Go to a restaurant and try some, because it’s super yummy!

    Our first day was amazing! Our skin is a little burnt and bodies are a bit sore from surfing - but life is so good that that was our only “complaint”.

Day two

  • THE best part of waking up is remembering you’re in Bali! And then of course, breakfast. We headed to @givecafe by 8:00 am! (our jetlag hadn’t really been affecting us - I think what helped was arriving when it was evening. We were naturally tired form all the travel and it was dark out so we went right to sleep).

  • We decided to head to Seminyak for the day! Seminyak is about a 20 min scooter ride from cangguu. You can always take a taxi to places if you prefer (I honestly suggest taxi’s unless you have past experience with a scooter - like christian does- he used to ride motor cross).

  • We went straight to the pool and beach front at @potatoheadbali - an absolutely gorgeous spot!!! The staff is beyond nice and the infinity pool & beach were a dream. I suggest arriving early if you’re looking for more of a relaxing yet exciting vibe, and I’d suggest arriving early evening for a more party/loud electric vibe!

  • Seminyak is similar to Canggu in that it is flooded with shops and dining experiences. However it’s almost a little more trendy/populated/Instagram worthy everywhere ha. So, after the day at the pool we walked the streets for some shopping & had lunch at @seacircus. Super cute little spot! And after wards, we freshened our tastebuds with some rosé and the cutest little rosé beach shack on the corner, @therosesocial

  • Headed back to Canggu to freshen up and swim more at our villa (if you’re catching on, having a pool wherever you are staying is prime.)

  • Sunset drinks at @thelawncanggu where we met new aussie friends! A ton of Australians travel to bali because of how close it is! . We didn’t listen to my own advice about only drinking bottled beer. We got a coconut mint mojito. Like how could you not, you’re in Bali at sunset overlooking be ocean?

  • Dinner at @lacalongtime & asleep again by about 10! If you really pack your days, you are so ready for some sleep! 

Day three

Traveling isn’t all glamorous easy living… you’ve got to roll with the punches. But getting punched on just our third day in Bali was a little bummer… and I didn’t even take ONE photo. Shocked? Me too.

  • Summer woke up sick. That’s right. Sat up and ran straight for the toilet… I couldn’t eat, walk around, and kept gagging. ( we think it might have been from the mojito. Not the ice, but the alcohol in it could have been arak.)

  • Christian was feeling ok, so I encouraged him to leave me to rest and to go eat breakfast & maybe work a little on his computer. I could NOT even think about food, sadly.

  • Christian and I had roughly planned out our trip before landing in the country. Not necessarily every single detail, but we had an idea of the different villages, beaches, waterfalls, and temples we wanted to see. So, we had planned day 3 to get a taxi to Uluwatu and spend the day there! Uluwatu is more of a surf community and christian was dying to get on a board again!

    • We originally considered getting a airbnb in seminyak for day 3 and 4 but ended up deciding that we didn’t want to pack everything up and go to Uluwatu just to spend one night, so we figured a full day trip would suffice. We had scheduled a driver to pick us up but it took about an hour for me to get the energy and guts to get in that car. I was adamant we stick to the schedule because, hello, we were in Bali! I’m not going to be a wimp and sit in bed all day.

  • Say hello to your worst night mare… 1.5 hours in a car that drives on the wrong side of the road while you’re beyond nauseous ha. I wasn’t sure if the poor man would have puke all over his car in any minute.

  • All I wanted was to get to a beach where I could just lay down in the sun and not move. Our driver dropped us off at this really cool beach, but you couldn’t even get in the water! It was so shallow of all coral and rocks! We quickly urged him to take us to a beach where we could swim! Which he then took us to Nusa Dua, this time to swim. It was an okay beach, but touristy - and loud - which we hated. One thing we learned from this was to really communicate to your driver what you want. They might think you want the touristy spots, which if you do thats fine. But, if you want more private/natural/untouched places make sure they know that so you aren’t disappointed.

  • We were so hot and the water was inviting so of course I went in hoping it would maybe make me feel better. And it did, a little. But all I had in me was ginger-ale. I couldn’t even think about food! Or the car ride back.

  • There was no surf, the beach was crowded, and I have a fear of throwing up in public ha, so we just told the driver to please take us back. Christian started feeling sick in the car and it was just uphill from there. We finally get back to the villa around 4 (was like a 3 hr car ride because traffic) and lay down in bed and don’t wake up till about 8 pm. We decided to hop on the scooter in our pjs to go to the pharmacy to try and find something that might make us feel better. And we stopped for more ginger-ale and Pringles. I could finally eat some Pringles.

  • Hit the bed and didn’t wake up for about 12 hours!

Day Four

  • We both woke up both feeling better but still not 100%. It took us a while to get out of bed. We were nauseous and dehydrated, and honestly had no desire to move haha.

  • But we sucked it up and scoot-ed (if that’s a word) to @labrisabali around noon to enjoy a light brunch (only what our stomach could handle. Aka fries and toast). This place is soooo cool. You feel like you’re somewhat on a pirate ship that ran ashore! We just sat here on bean bags all afternoon, drinking coconut water, watching the waves, taking deep breaths, and trying to eat little by little.

  • I convinced Christian to let us stop at some shops on our way back to our villa. I knew I was feeling better when I wanted to go shopping. We hadn’t done any shopping, and had passed sooooo many cute places while riding the scooter everywhere. We picked up handmade coasters for our dining room table and a cute purse! And, found a cool mens shop where I got to pick out a few things for Christian.

  • No joke, just doing that took the life out of us for the day and we were in bed asleep by 7. It started as “let’s just nap and get dinner later".” No, we’re not lame and always go to bed that early ha. And trust me when I say, sitting in bed while in Bali killed us. But - travel isn’t as glamorous as most people portray on social media. Our bodies were soooo weak from being sick that we just had to listen and rest. We are so thankful the sickness only got two days out of us and we toughed it out!

Day five

  • Woke up feeling better and wanted to immediately go check the surf in hopes we could get a quickie in before leaving canguu. Sadly, no dice.

  • So, we grabbed breakfast at a little bagel shop that looked yummy & headed back to the villa to pack up for our next leg of our journey : UBUD! Click below to follow the rest of our journey…