BALI : What to pack


I think I put off packing until the night before the trip because I had no clue what to pack! Thankfully Bali is one season year around so I didn’t have to pack for all sorts of degrees.

Also, traveling somewhere warm means smaller pieces of garments which means you can fit MORE! I really wasn’t stingy in my packing job, so I was surprised when it all fit in one checked bag!

The above photo is all we brought with us! One carry on, one checked bag, and two backpacks! I was pretty proud. And it definitely made traveling from town to town a lot easier.


Packing for 10 days

  • #1: Bikinis- Plan to be in the water every day or every other day! You can’t bring enough!

  • Specifics I recommend:

    • Like I said, lots of bikinis!

    • Rain jacket! I bought this one just for the tip, it folds up so small and is super lightweight. Perfect for tropical places! Definitely came in handy when scootering in the rain!

    • Shoes: whatever you’re most comfortable in. You’ll do lots of walking and taking shoes on off at the beaches! I packed 2-3 pairs of sandals and one pair of sneakers! Wear your heaviest pair of shoes on the flight so your luggage is lighter. Also, there is a lot of hiking in Bali. So don’t overlook packing a pair of sneakers!

    • Fanny pack: that’s right. I bought this one just for the trip. Can’t believe it because I used to make so much fun of my dad when he would bring on on our trips when I was younger. In a foreign country it’s best to keep your belongings on your body. I never owned a fanny pack before this trip but I loved it! made grabbing my camera, and money, hair-ties, etc so convenient! And keeps your hands free for hiking, picture taking, etc.!

    • Lightweight clothing. Think: flow-y pants, skirts, thin blouses, rompers, and dresses! I can’t emphasize how hot it can be! The less amount of clothing on the better and more enjoyable haha.

  • Outfit planning: I personally like to start packing by selecting what bottoms to wear, then I pick one - two top options that can go with the bottoms. That way I get a few combinations of outfits! Start by laying out all your bottoms you want to bring, then go through your closet and select matching tops. Create piles for each outfit, and then snap a photo! This will help you remember what you packed, and you wont waste time in the morning trying to plan what to wear!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

All the little pieces (from left to right clockwise)

  • Journal: If you’re in to writing down memories and stories, bring little journal to dump all your thoughts at the end of the day! It will help you remember your trip and each days exciting events!

  • Re-chargeable i-phone battery: Because you can never take enough i-phone photos! And hello, you never want a dead phone when you need your maps!

  • Fish eye lens for your iphone: the views in Bali are breathtaking, and you’ll want to capture the whole picture!

  • Travel size deodorant: bali is HOT. That’s all I’ll say. Re apply re apply.

  • Medicines: If you read our pt 1. post from our trip you know we got sick! I recommend brining activated charcoal, vitamin C, and fizz sticks (Vitamin B w/ natural caffeine if you need help kicking jetlag)

  • Do I even mention your passport? DO NOT FORGET IT!!!

  • Our total time spent on an airplane to get to Bali was about 28 hours. The airlines usually give you slippers, toothbrushes, blankets, etc. But a face mask will do wonders and help you feel clean and refreshed!

  • CASH! You’ll want to exchange money in the airport. Most places in bali accept credit cards. but make sure to call your credit card company and give them the heads up about your travels!

  • Camera! If you don’t have one, consider investing in one. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and a trip you take may be a once in a life time opportunity! Capture as many pictures as you can so you can look back one day and be transported in time :)

  • Sunglass case: Like I said, it’s SO hot in Bali. I recommend bringing a good pair of polarized sunglasses and a case for them! You’re always taking them on and off and you don’t want to loose them!

  • Adapter: This universal adapter was so handy to have!! Highly recommend it

  • Mini hard drive: if you plan to take a lot of photos, or bring a computer, back up your photos on a hard drive! Just incase something were to happen to your computer or phone, you wont loose all your images!