Travel Notes : Bahamas


BAHAMIan blues

with my bae

We are so incredibly blessed to live in FL, and be a 5/6 hour boat ride or 1 hour flight from desolate beaches, fresh caught fish, and crystal clear water.

If you follow me in Instagram, you've probably noticed we go a lot! I think we've been at least 4 times in the past year! 

Fortunately for us we have friends that LIVE in the Bahamas. Yes, let it soak in. They LIVE there. And we visit them :) They have the most beautiful plot of land with a guest house and guest studio (see pictures below of our room and the bright orange patio). It is always such a treat to visit! They grow their own veggies, make their breads from scratch, and foster Bahamian puppies. It's paradise. 

Since transportation isn't too much of a hassle - Christians family boat or plane - we are able to pop over to the Bahamas quite a bit. I try not to take too many pictures because its all so beautiful you don't want to blink.

But, on our last trip over, I took some fun shots on my iphone & figured I'd share a mini "travel notes".

Our reason for visiting this time was for the annual "cheeseburger in paradise" party. Every year a huge party is thrown to raise money for the Green Turtle Cay Foundation, helping the primary school and volunteer fire co on Green Turtle Cay. Here's what it looks like from the sky !

I've never seen more flamingo floats in my life ha. The party is always a day or two before July 4th, so we were able to make a whole 5 day weekend out of it this year!

Can't wait to go back soon... will share more pictures then, but for now... 

<< what i packed in my suitcase >>

pink bikini // bikini bottoms // bracelet // gold cuff //

denim shorts // stripe strapless top // tie front crop top


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