5 Tips to Decorating Your New Home

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I've had a blast painting this blank canvas and making it home. Christian really gave me free range and had no major hesitations to what I picked out.

Yes, he even loved the blue velvet couch... especially after he realized how comfy it was.
It was definitely a bit overwhelming walking into this place when it was completely empty and up to me to fill it. ha.

So, I figured I'd share some tips to help you furnish your first home (or if you need some fresh new ideas for a makeover):


  1. Pick a mood - I mean like a feeling/vibe. What do you want to feel the minute you open your front door? A coffee shop, beachy bungalow, maybe an all white breath of freshness...
    I went for a tropical modern mood
  2. Find your color - In our case, everything was grey. Grey flooring, light grey walls, grey doors, and grey baseboards... i NEEDED a color! Blue wonderfully accents grey and so the first thing I did was decide what piece of furniture would be my color. This Blue couch was super affordable and so gorgeous. 
  3. Gold baby - I looooove gold. And so I focused on finding pieces to accent the space that had a brass/gold finish or hard wear. Find your finish in the legs of a table, lamps, maybe even your side tables, or plant stands!
  4. Light it up - Do you want the room open and airy, or maybe less natural light and more lamps. Luckily we have many windows, so the natural light is beautiful to let in. I opted for sheer curtains just add some dimension to the room, but not to block any light. When thinking of curtains or blinds consider how much light you want or need to let in!
  5. Tie it together - As you add your finishing touches, try to tie certain colors or textures together. I added the blue candle and coffee table book to compliment the couch. The linen lampshades compliment the carpet color. And the gold finish on the lamps match the coffee table legs! See where I'm going?

Christian and I love spending a few minutes together everyday before we go our separate ways. He always drinks coffee and is up hours before me haha but we both enjoy opening all the blinds and doing our devotionals. 
Here is what I'm reading every morning...

OUr daily bread // Jesus Calling // New Morning MErcies

I hope you'll consider adding it to your routine if you're needing an encouraging word to help you start your day