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Carpe Diem

This wall was definitely a cruise favorite! We all walked by it and our jaws dropped! 
I especially love what the words mean-

Carpe Diem - "Seas" the day!
Not sure what your day has in store but make the most of it! Do everything you wanted to, don't sit around and watch it go by. Book a ticket, plan an adventure, call a friend, (go shopping), whatever it is- go do it! It's easy to get stuck in a rut. between school, work, and I mean common, just life, I find myself on a treadmill.
This blog allows me to hop off, create inspiring content, and channel my inner mermaid ;) 


I wore white on white, a summer favorite, around the boat that evening. 
These flare denim jeans are SO comfy & complete a 70's look with my ruffle top ha! 

____________ S H O P  M Y  L O O K ____________

I'm in love with these rings !!! Channel your inner Beyonce...
& the color of THIS BAG is so juicy! ( c/o Poverty Flats) 

Bermuda Blue

Blue is my favorite color. 
It's the color of the ocean, of the sky, of my favorite new bikini, and there are endless shades of blue. 
It never gets old. Never gets dull. 
What's your favorite color and why?

Shop every shade of blue...

S H O P  T H E  P O S T :

Cruising to Bermuda

This boat was absolutely beautiful, but HUGE to say the least. Beautiful murals, a skydiving area, bumper cars, like 7 different restaurants, 3 pools, amazing wifi and technology, and a self-serve ice cream machine! 
The Anthem of the Seas took its inaugural sail to Bermuda and I got to go along for the trip!

I was invited by my friend, Color Me Courtney, to join her and 4 other bloggers ( Carrie Bradshaw lied, My Style Diaries, Haute off the Rack, and A Pinch of Lovely) on this trip! I was so excited for a little getaway vacation and to make new "blogger" friends.

We snapped these pictures before dinner one night, and if you can't tell- it was SO windy!
Thank God I don't really know how to do my hair or else this mane would be a disaster. 

S H O P  M Y  L O O K : 


Pink Sand Beach

Bermuda is so beautiful! We couldn't keep our eyes off the crystal clear water. I've never seen such BLUE!!

Everything here is colorful. The churches, banks, restaurants, shoe shops... everything. It's definitely a tropical vacation spot and I'm loving it. Bermuda is known for its pink beaches, which I know they don't look pink here, but in person they are!! The locals told us their pink color comes from all the washed up and broken coral blended in!

Sharing more pictures from on-board the Anthem of the Seas and around town!
Grab your suitcase, bikini, and sunblock (I'm so burned) and travel along with me...

What's next?

I'm not sure where to begin... 
6 years ago my family told me we were leaving the only place I had lived, the only home I had friends and the only city I loved. 
I was 16.
Cut me some slack, I was young, and at that time NYC was everything. 
I thought my life was over. "Florida?" I thought. Why move to Florida? 
I sobbed. Was angry. And couldn't understand.

I didn't want to go to a new high school, let alone apply to a college in Florida. I didn't understand how kids could drive at 16 when all I knew was taking the subway. What was Publix? Chick-fil-a?
Somehow, someway, I fell in love with Palm Beach, Florida. Fell in love with my new friends. And fell in love with my school, Florida State University. 
Fast forward 6 years and I'm on a cruise to Bermuda after completing a 2-month Internship in NYC at Tory Burch corporate, graduated from college today (I missed my ceremony but live streamed it)!
I don't say this to show off, or to brag. There's nothing to brag about, because I didn't, I couldn't have, done any of this without someone greater orchestrating the pieces of my life. I'm genuinely writing this to look back and see how incredible God is. He works things out. He always knows what's best.

As 2016 approached I wasn't sure what the future held after graduation. 
Should I move to NYC right away?
Get a job there?
What about traveling for a few months?
 Maybe live abroad?

After months of preparation, research, and studying I am confident and excited to share that I will be returning to Florida State Unversity to complete my Masters in Buisness!
It was a long process, hours of studying, back and forths, and I was so torn. I was eager to move to NYC upon graduation, but something was pushing me to continue my education.
 I can't wait to join this program, continue blogging, and explore entrepreneurial business ideas during this next year.

If you're thinking "What's next?" and feel lost like I was, be comforted in knowing someone greater has it covered. 

Keep in touch, follow along, reach out, ask questions....
I'd love to help you, just like people have helped me. We can't go it alone !

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