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Week 1

Life is different here. It's fast paced and bright. Chilly, but beautiful. Big, yet small. 
I just completed my first week and I've fallen back in love. 
I grew up here, lived here for 16 years, lived here this past summer interning as well, and now I'm back. But every time I'm back it's fresh & different in a cool way.
So, I decided to keep a weekly log to share with you all what living as an intern in New York City is like. I'm going to try and keep track of the places to eat, shop, workout, sightsee, and any tips I've acquired or highlights of the week. 
I hope you decide to follow along and that I can help or inspire you to intern, visit, or explore the city. 

Here's week uno:

The new Tory Sport store in flatiron!! 

Brunch at The Smith . I got the avocado toast with poached eggs and the passion punch. 
It was absolutely delicious. 

A nice (and very brisk) run in Central Park! Ran to the lake and had the most gorgeous view while I caught my breath!
Took the day to go to the Museum of Natural History and wander around the city! 

I was really excited to see this exhibit! The mahi-mahi (Dolphin) and the man-o-war jellyfish are seen in Florida. Made me think of my family and friends back home.

You can only be so fashionable when its 30 degrees out and you walked 2 miles.

The new Coach store in Columbus Circle is breathtaking.

They had a craftsman shop where you can personalize anything you purchase!

Then headed to the Plaza for tea! They have a huge eatery  downstairs with every type of food you can imagine. 
I decided to have desert, even though it was already 5 pm by now!
I noticed a line around one of the pop up's so I decided to snoop and see what the hype was. Never heard of it before, but Lady M cakes are pretty popular. And now I know why... twenty paper thin handmade crepes layered with creme. It's irresistible and practically melts in your mouth. 
It was my first, but definitely NOT my last! 

Guys, I promise this was my genuine reaction when I realized it was SNOWING! I asked my friend to take a picture as we exited the plaza and I looked up and realized it was snowing! 

What a great first week! 

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