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Step. Leap. Jump.

did you say yoga class? I thought you said, "pour a glass?"

It's already April and I bet, just like myself, your new years workout resolutions are irrelevant. It got too expensive, you felt uncomfortable at your new gym, none of your friends were working out... the list (of excuses) goes on and on.

So why not quit with the typicality? and try something different.

Make it enjoyable
not dreaded.

Relaxing and mind-clearing
not stressful.

not self-conscious.

Here's what I mean. Go for a run or walk in a local park or around the city. Before you know it you're sightseeing and burning calories.

Live by the beach? Try running or walking on the sand. My mom taught me this trick. Exercising in the sand almost makes the workout twice as hard.

Lastly, try new workout classes. Kickboxing? Spinning? Barre? Try it out. Usually, the first class is free! Or they offer 2 classes for the price of 1 if you're new. (That's my plan for the next 5 weeks in NYC)

Goodluck :)
Comment with any fun and different ways you workout!  


S H O P  T H E  P O S T

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