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So this is just another reason why I love Palm Beach! Almost every corner, street, and via or plaza are gorgeous. I actually go to the dentist a few doors down from here.

I was able to be home in Palm Beach for about a week before heading to NYC! I did a little damage to my wallet and went all out on some new sweaters and coats to pack for the city. ______________

(now is the best time to buy fall clothing! It's all on sale! Stock up for next year.)I got this coat on sale and this one 70% off! Oh, and this sweater, this sweater, and this sweater all on sale too!
So, if you don't follow me on Instagram ( where I post way too much, don't we all) I announced I was moving to NYC for 6 weeks to complete an internship at Tory Burch before graduating college in May! I'm writing this post from bed 
on a Saturday afternoon. 
Cozy with my chai latte. 
Living on the upper west side.'s a dream.

"But how?" - you might ask.

It's easy to only post what you want others to see and create a perfect facade. But it's not all rainbows and butterflies every day. Here's the scoop: (and if you aren't interested in reading further, oh well).

I packed up my life at college, drove home for to spend a few days with the family, then, boarded a plane to move to chilly NYC all alone. Two suitcases. 
I'm saying in a family friends studio (what a blessing) and work about 40 hours a week interning with the Merchandising team at Tory Burch. Honestly, at the end of the work day I only have enough energy to cook or grab dinner & drinks with friends, shower, and maybe do some work on the computer or sneak in an episode of Modern Family. 

Life is different here. It's face paced and bright. Chilly, but beautiful. Big, but small. 
I just completed my first week and I've fallen back in love. 
I grew up here, lived here for 16 years, lived here this past summer interning as well, and now I'm back. But every time I'm back it's fresh & different in a cool way.

So, I decided to keep a weekly log to share with you all what living as an intern in New York City is like. I'm going to try and keep track of the places to eat, shop, sightsee, and any tips I've acquired or highlights of the week. 

Check out Week One in the city HERE

S H O P  T H E  P O S T

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