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Coco me up

Lately, I've been obsessed with coconut oil. I use it day and night and have been sharing my obsession with my friends and family. So far I've found its result to be amazing, so I figured I'd share my remedies with you! 

1. Hair
You can apply it to your roots and throughout your hair as a "mask" when wet. Let it soak in for a few minutes (10) and then thoroughly rinse it out. It may take a while to clean it all out, but it will leave your hair silky smooth. Another option, I tend to do a lot, is applying it to the tips of your hair when damp. It helps with split ends and reduces frizz. If you straighten your hair, add it to the tips after using the straightener. It will help prevent breakage and heat damage! 

2. Face
Coconut oil can be an amazing face moisturizer! After your face is completely clean, massage a little into your skin. Let it soak in and watch your face glow. I add it before I go to bed or after a shower. I even add a little extra to my eyebrows and eyelashes to moisturize them (not sure if this works, but as you can see I literally put it everywhere!)
Another great idea is using coconut oil as eye makeup remover! 

3. Body
I have completely ditched the lotion game. Coconut oil for my legs, arms, stomach, and chest. I usually apply it all over before bed and let my body soak it all in overnight. I wake up in the morning and my skin is silky smooth! I beg you to try it. It's life changing. 

4. Scrub
Mix coconut oil with sea salt and use it to scrub your feet! Scrub off all of that dead skin while moisturizing your body as well!

Duh. It's oil, and it's the healthiest oil to use!

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