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Bikini me crazy

So, as I'm sure everyone knows, Spring Break is right around the corner. Being a college student, the planning for spring break begins in December and the workouts don't stop until the last day of class. It's a "holiday" planned for ages and expected to be one for the books. As for myself, I'm not necessarily a wild "spring break-er". Last year I went to Hilton Head Island with my 4 best friends, the year before I went boating and snorkeling/diving in the Keys with friends, and some other trips in the past include skiing in Beaver Creek Colorado or surfing in Nicaragua. I tend to stay away from the wild cruises or Miami beach parties.

But, whatever you do this spring break, if you're heading somewhere warm you're going to need a bikini...or maybe FIVE?? I've had a lot of friends and followers reach out to me asking about my favorite bikinis to wear, the pros and cons to certain brands and what size I wear in each. So, I figured, why not share some of my favorite brands and let you in on the secrets (quality, fit, price) so you can order one in time for your Spring break, or next tropical adventure? Feel free to email or comment with any questions!


1. Maaji

I think Maaji is my favorite bikini brand, to be honest. Their bikinis are all reversible so you practically get two for the price of one. They have amazing fabric that feels very soft and drys quickly. And their prints are to die for! Every time a new season is released I'm drooling over my computer debating if I really need a 6th one.
Typical price range: $50-$80 a piece. (but you can find them on major sale sometimes like at Nordstrom rack HERE)
Fit: Like I mentioned, they are all very soft. I love to wear my Maaji bikinis surfing sometimes because of how flexible they are. 
Size: I wear a small top and small bottom. Pretty true to size for the most part! 



If you haven't ever heard of TRIANGL then you might be living under a rock. This company took off about two years ago and I think almost everyone I know has one or asks me about the brand. 
Their suits are made of neoprene (sweatsuit material) and come in all different colors, usually neon! They're loud, fun, and functional. The neoprene keeps you in tight and dries pretty fast!
Typical price range: $89 for a set! 
Fit: Since they are made of neoprene the swimsuit is a little thicker than others. It's a little funky to get used to at first. However, they are not padded so the thick neoprene material comes in handy when temperatures drop. 
Size: I wear a Medium top and small bottom. Runs a little small I would say. Huge plus, though, you can order different sizes of tops and bottoms to make sure you get the perfectly matched fit.


3. L*Space


L*Space is another brand whose quality and comfort is exceptional. Their Chloe Wrap top feels like a bralette and I sometimes wear it under a cutout tank. All the bikinis come in beautiful colors and prints, and L*space has resort-wear as well, like sandals and kimonos. 
Typical price range: $80 a piece. L*space is a little more on the expensive side. 
Fit: Extraordinary comfort! The Chole top and Estella bottoms are my favorite. 
Size: I wear a Medium top and small bottom. Most do not come padded, however, the Wild child Crochet top and a few others have padding!


I just LOVE bikinis.
& It all started at a young age....

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  1. I absolutely ADORE this post. It made me quite excited to be traveling to a warmer place! I loved all of you're suggestions! Have a wonderful spring break! Thanks for participating in my link-up! XOXO Oliva

  2. I have been looking for new bikinis lately so this is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

    XO, Brooke

  3. This was such a helpful post, since I've been searching for a new bathing suit! I'll definitely be looking into some of these picks and brands!
    Rebecca xo

  4. I love the Triangl brand, their swimsuits are adorable!
    xo, Syd


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