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Morocco Trip Pt. 2

Sharing more pictures and stories from my trip to Morocco. . . 


Miles Traveled

The Food
The main dish in Morocco is the Tagine dish. It is named after the special pot in which it is cooked, and is usually couscous, a type of meat, and vegetables all piled into this pot then set on coals and cooked at a VERY hot temperature. With lots of spices. It's delicious. But we did get a little sick of it after a few days...ha.


The climate
The climate
I expected it to be a lot warmer than it was! While in rabat the desert, temperatures dropped near the 30's/40's at night and would only reach to about 65 degrees during the day! However, when we got to Taghazout, it was a lot warmer, bikini weather.


The culture
The people are so nice! We never had a strange or uncomfortable or unsafe situation with a Moroccan. They cherish their tourist's since tourism is a huge part of their economy. We felt taken care of and safe. 

The best part
Surfing and riding camels in the Sahara AND on the beach


The worst part
Getting sick! Not sure how but I caught the bug. It was just 24 hours, but it was miserable. Up puking all night...need I say more?


Cities visited

Rabat : 
Is the capital of Morocco.We flew into Rabat and were here for three days, staying with friends. It’s on the ocean so it was a little chilly. We explored the old city, the medina, and had tea on a beautiful boat in the river 

 Where the new Mission Impossible was filmed 

The doors in the old city of Rabat is partially painted blue and has some festive doors!

The Sahara:
Then we had hired a driver for the next few days that drove us for hours through the atlas mountains to reach the town of Rissani. Rissani is a small oasis town in Morocco founded in 757 AD! We had a tour of the mosque and the "souk" (which is an open-air marketplace) where we bought some amazing natural “medicines” at the local pharmacy- including rose water and mosquito repellent perfume.

Then later that day we were dropped off to travel in jeeps to the Sahara! We booked through a travel tour company, travel source, and spent the night in Moroccan tents, after traveling on a camel through the desert. It was absolutely amazing. The tents were HUGE with carpets everywhere. We had a fire with music, food, tons of blankets and each had our own bed. It was five star. And we woke up early the next morning to watch the sunrise over the dunes. My dad and brother woke up around 5 am to travel to the top of the dunes and sand-surf down. Crazies. 

wore this kimono everywhere !!

Marrakech :
After the Sahara, we were off to Marrakech. Another long drive through the Atlas Mountains, but thank God we had our driver, Ryad ( Not only was he a pro at navigating but during the long drives he has so much info and knowledge to share with us about morocco, the culture, religion, traditions, etc. If you ever do make it to Morocco and you really want to see all of Morocco I highly suggest booking a driver/tour for part of your stay. It’s a big country and if you’re going to go all the way there then you’re going to want to see it.

We arrived in Marrakech, to our hotel Riad Les Jardins Des Lilas, around dinner time so there wasn’t much light or time to explore. I had really been looking forward to our time in Marrakech because of all the pictures I had seen, fashion designers who had credited their inspiration to Marrakech, and bloggers who had visited- like Sincerely Jules. That night we studied the map of the city and planned where to go the next morning. After having an amazing breakfast on the roof top of our Riad, we headed out to “Jardin Majorelle”, a garden bought by Yves Saint Laurent in 1980. It was beautiful and is definitely an amazing oasis in the middle of the hectic busy city. We then went and walked around town, went for tea and pictures at La Mamounia hotel, and walked around the Koutoubia Mosque.

It was a beautiful day, but unfortunately, I didn’t like Marrakech as much as I had hoped to. It was so crowded, vehicle fumes everywhere that really bothered my allergies, and it was a pretty dirty city. I just wasn’t “amazed” to be honest.

Marrakech was the last stop with our driver, so my parents rented a car for the remainder of the trip. Brave, I know. Crazy? Maybe.

Taghazout : 
We drove east to the ocean to a town called Taghazout. It’s a surf spot with small surf hostels, hotels, tons of surf rental/lesson shops and restaurants along the ocean. We stayed here for 4 days! We stayed at Surf Maroc, Hash Point Surf camp and La Source Taghazout.

Our days were filled with surfing, walking around town, eating a LOT, and getting HOUR massages ( they're very cheap in Morocco). Taghazout is an awesome place to visit and stay. Everyone is so laid back and relaxed, the sunsets are amazing, and the hotels/hostels are unique.

We then drove all day to Rabat to spend the night before our early flight the next day. We got pulled over, but no ticket thank God. Stopped for gas and had lunch, they have mosques and pretty decent restaurants at gas stations! It’s odd.

We flew home on the new air France double-decker A380. It was insane.

When we finally made it home I was pretty happy! Exhausted, but happy. We had been traveling for over 13 hours and there's NOTHING like home!

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