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Morocco Trip Pt. 1

I traveled to Morocco in December and absolutly LOVED it! Sharing pictures and more...

I wore this bikini and these kicks way too much :) 
The streets in the city of Marrakech. There were crazy motorcyclists and taxi drivers all over the place, we had to be very careful walking anywhere! It was nuts. 
Watching the sunset in the Sahara 
The fam. We're not always on the same page
The "old city" of Rabat ( the capital of Morocco)
Exploring the medina - searching for treasures.
Moroccan tea in the Atlas Mountains
Camels in the desert & camels on the beach... I was pretty excited!


MIA lace-up ballet flat #InMyMIAS // L*Space Zanzibar Dress & Ivory Kimono


I’m home!
I just got home from a 15-day trip to Morocco! Ever heard of Morocco? Not sure where Morocco is? Morocco is in North Africa, predominantly Arabic-speaking, about the size of California, covered in desert and mountains, is one of only three countries to have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, and is known for their amazing textiles, tea, & tile work!!

Ok, I lied, I didn’t JUST get home. I got home about a week ago, but I’ve been catching up on sleep (morocco is 5 hours ahead of America), moving back to school, adjusting to classes, and working on editing all my pictures!

I had such an amazing time and I am so thankful to have this platform to be able to share my experience with you all and hopefully inspire you to take the trip one day! Please feel free to email me or comment below with any questions!


“Why in the world are you going to Morocco???”
A question asked many many times as I shared with friends, family, and followers about my future travels.
Morocco popped up on my radar last year when I was watching the Tory Burch Fall 2015 runway show. The inspiration of the collection was “Marrakech meets Chelsea, London.”
I immediately googled Marrakech and, after falling in love with the many designs and textiles showcased in her line, I knew I wanted to go one day and experience it for myself…

How did you decide on Morocco?
As graduation approached (yes, I cannot believe it, the past 4 years in college have flown by) my family and I discussed ideas of things to do over my last “Christmas break” home. I have a younger brother who is also graduating this year (but from high school). It potentially would be our last Christmas together as a family, no new job commitments or new friends for my younger brother pulling him off to other trips over breaks, so we wanted to do something special that allowed family bonding! One last hurrah!

I have been blessed with awesome parents! Both models, who have traveled the world…literally. My dad’s been about everywhere, my mom lived in Paris for 3 years, and for their honeymoon they chartered a small sailboat on their own for 3 months around the Caribbean. So, luckily, they were open to the idea of travel for our Christmas break plan!
Since my parents have been so many places, and I have been fortunate enough to have traveled many places as well, we were on the hunt for a unique place no one in our family had been to! And that’s when I thought, “MOROCCO!”

How did you afford it?
Honestly, I didn’t. My parents graciously used ALL their miles to purchase our tickets!
I was so grateful! Best Christmas gift ever.

My mom is very savvy when it comes to planning and money. So, after purchasing our flights, for the next month or two, she was planning planning planning- where to stay/rent a car?/what to see!
I will go into more detail about the places we stayed, but, for now, to show you a simple way we were able to save money on the trip, my mom booked rooms at places that included breakfast within the price per night. As long as you don’t stay in touristy overpriced hotels (which there aren’t many in morocco anyway) the price per night is pretty inexpensive. We stayed at places around $100 a night – for FOUR people!! And some of these places were practically right ON the ocean... and remember they included breakfast…hello! Not too bad, right?

So, to be honest, I didn’t pay for it all and I don't think I could have. Well, maybe I could have but it wouldn't have been as luxurious. I’m a college student with gracious parents who saved and researched and splurged a little so we could have an amazing family trip!

How did you plan for it?
I planned two different ways.
The first: helped my mom come up with ideas/an itinerary. I researched places we could stay, popular destinations to see, and found bloggers' pictures or advice/recommendations who had been before, but, to be honest, she did the majority of it.
The other way I planned for this trip was for my blog. Since Morocco is such a unique destination I couldn’t wait for all the amazing photo opportunities. Sunsets in the Sahara and on the ocean, driving through the atlas mountains, tiles and tiles covering floors to walls to ceilings, and amazing architecture. I researched the temperatures, cultural dress, and other bloggers who had been to get an idea of what to pack/what to wear. I collaborated with some awesome companies to pack unique product suited for my travels and to shoot while in Morocco! Can't wait to show you more...

I think I could tell you about my trip for days, so I'm breaking it down piece by piece to make sure I fit it all in and don't bore you in one crammed post! I'll be sharing our trips itinerary, what all you can do with a layover in Paris, travel tips ( how to handle sickness in another country- yup I got the bug), what I wore/packed, and other fun stories from my travels!


Check out my photos from the trip on Instagram


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  2. Absolutely love this!! The colors are so soft.


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