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One Step at a Time


Today I had an awesome, but kind of freaky thing happen to me. 
I'm about to open up so hear me out...

Since the start of this semester I've been pretty stressed out. Figuring out what to do once Senior year is over, working on my blog, keeping my grades up, and somehow keeping a social life was starting to become a bit overwhelming. I'm sure you've been there before; everything starts adding up and you don't know where to begin. I started to let my worries consume my everyday thoughts. "What am I going to blog about next? Should I apply for Grad school? Maybe I should travel? But where do I get the money?"

 The list goes on and on...
I was at a stopping point.
I wasn't enjoying life like I should.
I kept comparing, kept analyzing options, and kept getting down on myself.
I didn't have a plan and I didn't like that...

Being in complete control of your life is impossible. And in this most recent season of my life I have come to realize this more and more. I needed to start taking things one step at a time.

I stopped thinking about my plans after graduation that stressed me out and, rather, focused on what was in front of me. I compare it to worrying about marriage when you aren't even dating someone, or stressing over what you'll eat tomorrow when you're currently devouring a big mac. Doesn't make sense, right? Yeah, I thought so too. So, when worries arise, I now pause and remind myself of my new little reminder:
 "One step at a time"

Now, here’s where the supernatural (kind of creepy) part I mentioned comes in.
 Last night I weirdly had a dream that I got a tattoo. Something that resembled "one step at a time."
I then woke up this morning to do some devotionals. I froze as I read the first three sentences...

"Walk peacefully with me through this day. You are wondering
how you will cope with all that is expected of you. You must traverse
this day like any other: ONE STEP AT A TIME."

Soon after, I went through my emails. I’m subscribed to the "the Skimm" and every day I am emailed a snippet of what's going on in the world, always with a creative title in the emails' subject.
This morning’s title happened to be: ONE STEP AT A TIME
AND, ironically, today's setting for my post (I shot days ago) takes place on a nice set of steps...

I am not kidding you!

It may not seem as crazy to you as it is for me, but when supernatural things happen it’s freaking awesome. And, I am instantly reminded that someone else is looking out for me, helping me along the way.
I encourage you to remind yourself when you may be  overwhelmed to approach life one step a a time.

When I started blogging two years ago I had no idea where it would take me, what exactly I’d post, or how. I've been taking it one step at a time. I’m grateful for this platform where I can express my love and creativity in fashion. However, there’s more to me than just what I wear

While in the past two years I've solely shared fashion related posts, and still plan to, I have decided to dedicate more time to simply writing. Writing about Life,  struggles I face, encouragement I feel others may need to hear, and share what goes on behind the lens.
I hope you can relate to me.
I hope you continue with me on this detour from the repetitive past.
I desire not to MAKE a life perfect for a picture, rather live a life worth capturing and sharing.

Photos by: Katelyn Sampl

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  1. This is absolutely awesome! I love when God does things like that! Thanks for the reminder to take everyday one step at a time!

    1. Thanks for reading Simone! I'm glad to hear you can relate & that my little reminder helped someone else!!

  2. Loved reading this post! So genuine. Can't wait to read more!

    1. Thanks for the support Andrea...means so much! Stay tuned

  3. It's amazing how consuming life can be...I still wonder how the last 10 yrs went by so quickly...enjoy it and don't let the overwhelming take over:). Looking forward to your posts!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! Stay tuned:)

    Beautiful pieces! Have a nice weekend!

    Really enjoyed this post!

    This outfit is such a beautiful combination.


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