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My day in Miami

Started the day with a cup of fresh squeezed OJ & avocado toast from Zak the Baker 
... it was so good. 

Loving all the street art. Be careful where you step...
Pretty excited about my new membership with Shop Ditto. After signing up with their #endlesseyewear program, I never have to worry about running out (or not having the "newest") sunglasses again! Try their Endless Eyewear subscription for FREE when you use the promo code:
You will love all the designer sunglasses they have! It's like Netflix for your face.
Hung out in the Design District 

This massive mural jungle was calling my name :)
Roxy Moure doin' her thing // through the lens of Donna Irene

Then we stumbled upon the new Laduree pop-up location and it was absolutely beautiful! Tucked back in a quiet Parisian courtyard, we enjoyed some tasty macaroons (My favorite was the pistachio flavor). But only, of course, after having taken several photos...especially in front of this beautiful LIVE wall - (no mural this time).

Our next stop- the Delano Hotel in South Beach. Donna had been wanting to check out their beautiful pool for some time now so we stopped by for a drink... and a nice view. 

Lastly, we went to The Standard to snoop around the *famous* spa and watch the sunset before dinner. 


Ever have an urge to get away?? Like, NOW!
I get that feeling a lot. I start googling flights, researching random places, staring at maps, and even checking Groupon for random trip deals. 

With a week off school, I headed to Palm beach (where my parents live) to spend the holiday with them! As much as I love Palm Beach and can never seem to get enough, I wanted to explore. I needed to eat different food, walk unfamiliar streets, and treat myself to a day away.
I brainstormed...
 The Bahamas are close, but I'd have to fly.
The keys aren't too far either, but the weather has been pretty windy!
So... I concluded, "Miami!"
It's only about an hour and makes a perfect destination for the day. My super cool(-er than me) friend Donna hosted me for the day and snapped some cool photos while we were out and about. 
Without much of a "set plan," our day was packed eating, walking, hotel sightseeing and, of course, some pictures. (her photography is amazing). We also met Roxy, who brought her camera along too! 

If you're ever having that urge to get away, but can't afford it at the moment or don't have the time, challenge yourself to be creative and travel somewhere nearby. A city or town you've always wanted to go to, a restaurant that just opened, a museum you drive by often and find yourself trying to peek in... Or, reach out to a friend who's in a neighboring city and take a road trip! 

Whatever your situation may be or whatever the fuel is burning your desire to travel, I dare you. Reward yourself, drive, expand your pallet, meet new people. 
It's refreshing and rejuvenating.
I promise.


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  3. Wonderful post :) you have such a great blog!

  4. Such beautiful pics!You look gorgeous!

  5. Love your latest photos! What camera did you use to shoot these?

    1. Thank you! Its a cannon with a sigma 35 1.4 lens !

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  7. Looks good,l hope l can have a try.

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