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Let Your Light Shine

Photos by: Katelyn Sampl

One of my favorite things about Fall is BOOTS!! Short, tall, over the knee, w/ heels, w/o heels, leather, or fur…I'm all about the boots. And, the weather here is finally just cool enough to wear some booties, so I'm pretty excited. 

My super fashionable friend Amy (who’s studying abroad right now…so jealous) has a beautiful blog I’m always looking to for inspiration. We met this summer in NYC and were instantly friends! Although our styles may be a little different, having her close by for outfit advice, blogging help, or for travel tips is such a great feeling!
So,  Amy and I decided to team up to show you all how we style our favorite black booties at this time of year... Once you’re done checking out my post, Head to Amy's post to see how she styled hers
Here are some favs I’ve set my eyes on and can't seem to forget about…


Another obsession of mine is gold jewelry. At Cole Couture last week I stumbled upon these Mantra Bands, and now I have 6 saved in my shopping cart… HELP.
I admit; I’m a sucker for little inspirational quotes. Out of the many mantras engraved
on these quaint golden bands, one of my absolute favorites is “let your light shine”.

I firmly believe everyone is given an opportunity in their lifetime to be the best they can be. It’s amazing how we are all so different. And, what really makes us unique is how we share our light…our personality, our dreams, our style, and our passions. But, sometimes we hide our light, or dim it, without even noticing.

Through social media, magazine covers, TV shows, etc. we are constantly fed images and scenarios that seem perfect. Our perception of normal is heightened and reality becomes altered. We desire to conform and desire to be like

I fall victim to this all the time. An article sparks my interest titled “How to grow your Instagram followers”, “How to have the perfect make-up routine”, “How to _____(you fill in the blank”.
I immediately click hoping to be routed to some superpower advice that will secretly make me better.
 But, it’s not a secret. What I’ve noticed is that so many of these “how to’s” require me to be someone I’m not or encourage me to change an activity I currently enjoy.

Why? Why do we listen? And why do we follow along?

I’m not saying great tutorials/"how to" articles do not exist. (I just read one on the “best way to study for the GMAT”…yup that’s another story) However, my goal is to remind you, and remind myself, to filter what influences your thoughts and what you let affect you.

Don’t conform to the patterns of this world. Be unique, be you!
Know your light.
And know how you best let your light shine



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    Exquisite pieces! I do adore that brand, and LOVE to wear it!!

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    Beautiful selection! Have a nice evening!

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    Like this set! Simple and modern, and at the same time so chic!


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