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Photos by: Katelyn Sampl

Lately, I've really been loving rompers. I think my friend Madi got me hooked, my guess is she owns over 50....
What makes them so great is how easy they are to wear, accessorize, and dress up or down. Unfortunately, I think this may be my last romper go around. It's getting cooler here in FL and I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to get away with wearing one. So... cheers to rompers and the last few warmer days in Florida! 
Also, these awesome Steve Madden Heels are 50% OFF!!!

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Weekend in the water

A weekend in Palm Beach is always a blast & this time I tried to capture some of the fun...I obviously have a thing for water!
...and have a super talented brothaa who happened to get a new GoPro + drone for his birthday.

Cheers to that.


Distressed Denim Guide Pt. 2

Last week I shared how to wear distressed denim for a casual yet effortlessly stylish look (check it out here). To follow up, I promised I'd share how to dress up the exact same pair of distressed jeans! 
I'm obsessed with this pair and honestly wear them too much, but hey, having one great pair you're able to wear day to night makes the purchase so worth it! Shop some of my favorites here:

To dress up a ripped pair of jeans, focus on pairing them with an elegant evening top, one that is a nicer material and possibly has a sexy cut. I found mine at Henri Girl!
 And, to really spice things up, wear more jewelry than you may normally and throw on a classic pair of heels. Nothing over the top, but just enough to distract from the rips and draw attention to you.

Try wearing some distressed denim out this weekend!

Get Bangled with Bourbon and Boweties

This past Friday I joined one of my great friends (and role models) Carley- owner of Bourbon & Boweties to help host a trunk show at my favorite local boutique here in town, Cole Couture!  

Two summers ago I actually worked for Carley and was Bourbon & Boweties first intern! Although I don't work there anymore and miss them very much, I always make sure to spread the news and join the fun when the bourbon bus arrives. It's always a party with Carley and at Cole Couture! 

Cupcakes, beer, wine, and bangles added a touch of fun to the already beautifully decorated store. It was a perfect Friday afternoon spent shopping, sipping, and, of course, snapping some pictures.

I loved seeing you all there! Thank you to everyone who subscribed to my newsletter to WIN a stack of Bourbon & Boweties. 
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(Piko tee and MUMU shorts available at Cole Couture!)

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SO excited to be hosting a trunk show at COle Couture with one of my good friends, Carley, owner of Bourbon and Boweties
Here are the details- Hope to see you there!

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Distressed Denim Guide Pt. 1


One of my favorite things to wear are distressed denim jeans (I actually distressed 
this pair myself!) I noticed I was wearing them a lot, almost too much... casually to class, out with a wedge, or tucked into a bootie. I think it's safe to say a great ripped pair of jeans are definitely a key item to have in your wardrobe... especially ones like these:

Since I somehow seem to always find a reason to wear them or an outfit to pair them with, I wanted to share TWO completely different ways to style such a simple, yet must-have, item!

This week I'm sharing my "laid back" look. I paired my jeans with a a favorite pair of kicks and a darling crop-top sweater I found at Henri Girl Boutique! Simple, easy, but stylish.
 Stay tuned for next week's  #mermaidonthursday  post to see how I dressed up the same pair of jeans!

shop my look:

Fashion in the Fall...in Florida

As fall approaches, I'm excited to start digging out the sweaters and darker colored clothing from the back of my closet. 

Who am I kidding, though? Living in Florida sure has it's perks. I can't complain about missing snow storms and temperatures in the teens. Yes, we do get fall, and we do get winter here... but they aren't as harsh as NYC for example (duh). 

Since I'm not a huge fan of the cold, people always wonder how I grew up in Manhattan. Going to school in my uniform skirt in the snow?! Not sure how I did it either. 

Either way, I am grateful for growing up in a place with all 4 seasons because it made me realize, and now appreciate, why I love the warmth so much... especially summer (time)

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