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One thing I tried to never miss this summer was the sunset. Living on the highline, I had an awesome view of the hudson river and the summer sunset was picture perfect. Although shooting pictures at night isn't the best, I wanted to capture one of my favorite times of day in the city....
Next time you visit New York walk the highline at sunset, it's breathtaking and a beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle.

Everything will be O.K.

One of the best things about being in NYC this summer was having the city as my backyard. I spent a lot of time exploring and one of my favorite Sunday's was spent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Its only a few stops away and has so many cute places to wander into. 
After a yummy brunch at Rosario Fish Shack to start the day, I stumbled upon an awesome market for local artists and vintage clothing. I also came across some pretty cool street art, and of course captured each one.
 Finally, stopped at SUMMER's juice spot for a refresher before heading back into the city!

A day at the races...

Have you ever been to a horse race before? 
When the team at Americas Best Racing invited me to Saratoga for the day to watch the races I immediately said yes! I have been to equestrian horse shows, and I’ve seen races on TV but never have fully experienced the fun, food, fashion, and, of course, a little betting at the track. We started the day off with an amazing brunch in the town of Saratoga Springs, and then headed off to the races! 

The main street and town in Saratoga Springs is beautiful! 
Stopped for an awesome brunch at Lilies

Had to stop and check out the hats...

She takes the most amazing pictures and was so fun to hang out with at the track! 

Lucky hand? I don't think I should have bet on the horse because of his pretty silks...

Made some new blogger friends like Georgia!

Spent some time behind the scenes! 

Being able to see the Jockeys room was incredible. They are all so small and have to weigh in before every race.

Since I had never been to a race before I had many questions as to how it all works. The team at Americas Best Racing was so helpful in explaining the process. Here are some cool things I learned...

Across the board: You can put money on a horse if he wins, places, or shows (1st, 2nd, 3rd). Your winnings will be less, but your risk isn’t as high since you're not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Jockeys: Usually weigh around 112-118 lbs. Each Jockey wears a silk, which is a jersey/jacket and cap worn by riders which designate owner of the horse.

-Horse racing is the only sport where an ambulance is following every race close behind.

-When betting, you are to focus on the horse’s stats at his last training. Where the horse trained, how much it weighs, what place it came in, etc. are all things listed in the racing program to help guide you in making a decision. OR like me, just pick the one with the coolest name or prettiest silk colors.

-Expect to get a little dirty! With mud/sand/grass and horses what else do you expect? The dress I chose was perfect for this event. It didn’t touch the ground so I was safe, but if I ever do go back I think I'll stick to a short dress next time, just because I got a little hot! The races are known to have a preppy style to them; large hats, big shades, and bowties. As much as I love all that, it wasn’t necessarily MY style- so I opted for a more beachy/bohemian take on the Kentucky derby.

It was a gorgeous day in Saratoga meeting new friends, taking too many pictures, and losing (a little bit of) money! 

Summer read

Summer is a time of relaxation. We get so caught up in being busy and forget to rewind and relax. I've tried to take up reading a bit more and get away from my netflix binges. 
If you're up for a change too, check out one of these books! They are all encouraging, inspiring, and perfect to bring to the beach or crawl into bed with!

1. Love Does 
Discover a secretly incredible life in an ordinary world. 

2. Make it Happen
Surrender your fear, take the leap, and live on purpose! 

3.Girl Boss
Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal opens up on what it takes to be a GIRL BOSS

4. Leave Your Mark
Land your dream job. Kill it in your career. Rock social media.

click on the little black + boxes to shop the books!

Chopper me to MTK

This past weekend was amazing to say the least. My friends at Next Step Realty & Fly Blade hooked it up! I've traveled to the Hamptons many many times, but never in a seaplane or helicopter. Not only was it so fast, easy and comfortable, but I am now spoiled. Forget the traffic and opt for an amazing view. 

Stopped at The Next Step's West Side office to meet the team and grab a bite! 

Then, straight to the Fly Blade lounge. 

We headed to Montauk in a Seaplane that took off in the east river... and barely made it over the Queensborough Bridge ;) ! 


We stayed at the perfect hotel- walking distance from town and just steps from the ocean. 

Sunday was way too hot for the beach, so we headed to The Montauk Beach House for a day by the pool with new friends and watermelon wedges!

Bittersweet ending to the weekend. I wasn't ready to head back to the city or work, however I was so stoked to take the chopper (still in my bathing suit & romper ) ! 

Although it was my last weekend in the city I wouldn't have wanted to spend it anywhere else than in Montauk. We packed a lot in for only two days! The Surf lodgeThe Montauk Beach House, Gurney's, Navy Beach for dinner, the lighthouse for the full moon, and of course the local pancake house in town... 
For a girls weekend getaway and relaxing beach trip, it's safe to say we left exhausted... but with good memories. 

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