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Intern 101: New York City

Landing an internship is like learning how to ride a bike. There’s so much “unknown”…you need someone to guide you, but a little push and bravery sets you rolling on your way. 
I want to potentially help you feel more prepared and confident by sharing some advice I learned along the way to landing my dream internship at Tory Burch!

Get ahead of the game
      I started applying/researching almost 6-7 months in advance!

It’s WHO you know
      Connections connections connections! Someone in the deli line behind you could work at your dream company (spark up a conversation!), or your mom’s old college roommate could be the CEO of an awesome place you would love to work! Who knows, unless you research and reach out! Another tip… keep in touch. You may run into an old high school friend on your way into an interview. Having kept in touch, she/he may put in a good word for you! 
God puts people in your path for a reason, be a positive person and treat everyone with respect and's funny to see how things will all work out. 

Not all on paper
      A kick butt resume definitely helps land you an interview, but you can’t fit your entire life, past experiences, and talents on a one sided sheet of paper?! Be clear and concise. If you’re applying for a fashion internship send the copy of your resume that excludes your job as a bartender at school- thats irrelevant to fashion, duh! Edit and revise until what’s on the paper best portrays the aspects of your past that will be beneficial to the company in the future!

Phone call or flight?
      The nerves are uncontrollable by now. “Do they call you? Am I expected to fly there for an interview? What kind of questions will they ask?” If your interview is a phone call, do your best to prepare. Think of questions they may ask and how you’d answer them. Work on your elevator speech. This is their opportunity to get to know the personality behind the paper! Have a pen and paper to take notes during the conversation and have questions prepared to ask them. 

If they want you to interview in person and that requires a flight, book it! Getting face-to-face time with executives in the industry and absolutely crushing it can land you the job. Don’t be afraid. Be you, put forth your best, and do your research. Arrive prepared and confident.

You got it!
      It may take weeks or only a couple days to hear back. Keep a positive attitude and be patient until their decision has been made.
(lets stay positive here and assume the BEST!)...
Congrats! YOU GOT IT! Now, celebrate... And let me know if this advice helped you land YOUR internship!

( All advice and opinions are my own. This post was not sponsored)

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  1. Great tips! I would love to hear about your experience working as a intern for Tory Burch!

    xoxo Madeline |


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