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Let me start with the first, somewhat typical, question; what was the inspiration behind starting your
            I wish I could say I had a big inspration/defining moment, but it all started as a creative outlet. One night at a coffee shop in Diamond head (I even remember the A/C was blaring and I was freezing) I switched a few posts over from a blog I had on my professional website...and alas, Goldfish Kiss began...and has been evolving ever since.

What is the story behind the creative and fun name ‘Goldfish Kiss’, and how does it relate to your
            It’s simple. The very first bikini I owned, the top was two goldfish kissing. My mom had great taste in bikinis for 2 year olds.  I really don’t like goldfish that much, I mean they are cool, but it’s more about the bikini. If only we didn’t throw it away!

Your brand stays true to cool beach style. Do you ever feel restrained by not incorporating designer
bags, runway outfits and the like as other mainstream bloggers do?
            Nope. I enjoy taking my own pics, and doing my own thing, and making the blog a bit personal, which for me will usually have that beach vibe. What’s on the runway really isn’t all that interesting to me. I mean it’s cool, and the clothes are gorgeous, but I really can’t relate to super high fashion all that much, so writing about it would seem fake. However, if Celine wants to send me a $5,000 beach bag to review I’d probably say yes (wouldn’t anyone?)...and then never use it and keep it in it’s bag because I’d be scared of ruining it. But I really don’t feel isolated or restrained, I feel like I’ve just stuck to my guns, which I hope is refreshing to readers.

Aside from bikinis, what is something you can’t live without? Being close to the water!
            Being close to the water! Ok and soft t-shirts. I am a soft, vintage, t-shirt hoarder...and I work from home so that’s my uniform. Ok, and fresh flowers. It’s amazing how much they can change the mood of a room.
Should readers expect a change in your content or lifestyle after moving to Seattle?
           The content will be similar, but the scenery will be different. So less white sand, palm trees and turquoise water, but there are some amazing beaches out on the coast here in the Pacific North West for pics, as well as hot springs, and I can do my art in any location. I’ll still be traveling back to Hawaii from time to time. But, I’m noticing I get more into my posts and inspired if it’s something I did a day or two ago, instead of a month or two ago. So far it seems to be working well. And yeah, minor detail... I’ll be clothed a bit more in pics now too.

You’re a big promoter of fitness. What is your best advice to women on how to stay fit, classy, and
           Oh man I could turn this into an essay. 
            Step 1: Do not compare your body to anyone else. You are you, and should want          
                         to be the best you. So take down all of those fitspo/thinspo pics and focus on taking 
                         care of you.                
             Step 2: Do some sort of weight training. It’s crucial to bone density...and having a good butt. 
             Step 3: Mix it up. I love trying out new moves in the gym, new programs, new
                         recipes, and new classes. Plus it keeps you motivated and from burning out.  
             Step 4: Drink a lot of water each day. It’s the simplest easiest thing you can do for your health.

Blogging has become popular and a profession for so many people these days, how do you
differentiate yourself and what is some advice to a new blogger on how to stand out? 
            I don’t know if there is a golden formula for blogging, heck I am still figuring it out each day. But I guess my advice would be to...actually start the blog. It’s not like starting a job or anything. Just start the darn thing, and post consistently. Then, be sure to write about what makes you, you, what makes you tick...and have fun with it. That person who started a tumblr all about fake text messages between him and his dog. Freaking brilliant. I really don’t follow that many blogs, but I go and read that site whenever I need a laugh. If you aren’t having fun, then why are you doing it in the first place? I tell myself that from time to time. Then I go post a pic of an ice cream cone or something. 

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