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Summer to me means something completely different than it does to you. Summer is my life, obviously. My definition of Summer: Hair gets lighter, skin gets tanner, nights get longer, water gets warmer, people are happier, bonfires get brighter, sunsets last forever. Summer is not just a season; it is a lifestyle. Packing those sweaters away under your bed in exchange for bikinis is exhilarating. Knowing your ghostly stomach will finally see the sun.  Roasted marshmallows, bright nail polish, and friends you’ve been counting down the days to see. It’s amazing how long we wait for that first day of summer to arrive just to watch it flash before our eyes. Imagine going a year without summer? No break, no scorching sun, no relaxing? It’s that perfect break in the year. Don’t let your summer memories fade away. Welcome Fall with open arms; just know summer saved your life.

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