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Bikini too tiny?

Suns out - Buns out. I guess the new trend is practically wearing thongs to the beach to get that perfect non-existent tan line. That’s great and all, especially when you have a nice behind… but spare everyone’s eyes. The beach isn’t some nudist exhibition. It’s a safe haven, a place to relax, exercise, read; a place for families and fun. Wear something that leaves you with a nice tan line, not a line of boys drooling and moms blushing. Keep it classy, cover up that tushy. And don’t forget…soak up that sun, rinse of that sand, and feel the energy and relaxation after your escape. Let the salt linger on your skin and the sun illuminate from your face. 

{ Island Company cute bikini bottom // Victoria's Secret bikini top
Vintage Sailor ship sign // Island Company Head Scarf }


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