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I'm really a Mermaid...

When you were younger and all you wanted to be was anyone but yourself. Superman, power puff girls, or even a mermaid. I’d dress up, embrace the character, and introduce myself as either a princess or a movie star. Looking back, it’s pretty embarrassing but thinking about it now, I still find myself doing that sometimes. We all do. Probably not to that extent but changing it up makes life more interesting. Some days I want to be a fancy beach chic, others a lazy dressed typical sorority girl. Some days we all may want to be someone or something else, but embrace and appreciate you. Maybe one day someone will dress to be YOU!

{Sea Hippie Jewlery Mermaid Tank // Island Company Cute Bikini}

Bling , Rings and Other Things

I don’t mean hoop earrings, gold name plate necklaces and grills. Accessories, or what I like to call, flair, can be anything. A collection of your travels or memories of the past, jewelry can truly show a persons character. I have a small “addiction” with jewelry- only because I find it so amusing. I am currently writing with 5 rings on. We drape or cover our bodies with metals, beads, life commitments and time tickers. Some choose to use it as showing off, others a way to only add to their personality. If I could wear all my jewelry I probably would, but I’d end up looking like a Christmas tree. Throw on that statement necklace with a pair of jeans and tee, wear a watch even if you don’t have to, and put that extra ring on. When you walk out the door you’ll feel your confidence soar. Your flare defines you. 
Go put some on.

{Long Lost Jewelry Shark Tooth Necklace // Tiffany Initial Necklace
Michael Kors Gold Watch // Michelle Deco Watch // Hermes Signature Bracelet
Wooden Stretch Bracelet // Mermaid Cuff // Giles and Brother Railroad Cuff 
Alex and Ani Bangle // Tiffany Heart Ring // Silver Knuckle Rings // Double Knot Silver Ring
Monogram Silver Ring // David Yurman Albion Ring // Essie Boom Boom Room 

Where grommets wander

My dad is cooler than yours...

It may looked staged but its really not. This is my home, my sanctuary, my real life, and my turf. Where grommets wander, bikinis get smaller, and skin gets darker. Casual weekend trips to the beach are etched in my schedule forever. What to do this weekend? Beach. It’s instinct. Although you my not be able to getaway to that tropical destination, read a book that makes you smell the salty air, watch a movie that makes you feel the sun on your skin, or paint your nails a summer color. 
Paradise FOUND. 

Cheers To The Summer

Cheers to the Summer. Soludos could not have chosen a better slogan for me to imprint in the sand. Who isn’t happy in the summer? I always appreciated the season, but had a hard time accepting the name. People found humor in calling me anything BUT summer; winter, fall, autumn, spring, I think you get it… As time went on I grew to appreciate and understand how names really define who a person is. I am the perfect candidate to be named Summer, and I think my parents knew that before I was even born…

{Soludos Espadrilles //Swell Elephant Pants

Island Company Sun Top // Tory Burch Tote
Forever 21 Beach Hat }

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