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Just a casual day at the beach. Seashells and sand mixed with some metallic. Rain or shine the beach is always that perfect place to escape, relive some stress. I was hoping for a nice sunny day- oiled up, laying out, excited to soak up that long awaited tan...when the wall of black clouds surrounded me. Frustration immediately set in when shortly realizing I had NOTHING to be upset about. It's the little things in life we seem to easily look over. Im sitting on a beach, an ice tea in my hand and the waves crashing on my feet. In life, obstacles may come your way but focus on the important happy things and don't let a few clouds get in the way.

{Flash Tattoo // Island Company Cute Bikini}


“Your dress should be tight enough to show you’re a woman but loose enough to show you’re a lady”

When you have that gorgeous dress but nowhere to wear it. That glass slipper you bought even though it didn’t quite fit…Throw it on and go somewhere. Do something, but stand out. Be the elegant girl at the party. Not the one everyone stares at when she walks in- Whispering humiliating adjectives describing that piece of cloth she calls a “dress”.  Whether a night out on the town or a sunset dinner, show some skin but keep ‘em wanting more...

{Tobi Floral Maxi Dress //Sequin Gold Chain Necklace
Red Espadrille Wedges // Tory Burch Leather Wrap Bracelet }

Concrete Jungle

A day back in the place I was born and raised only brought back smiles and a feeling of relaxation-despite the hustle and bustle. NYC will always be home no matter how long I spend apart from it, the subway routes and shopping spots are embedded in my heart. 

{Zara T-shirt // One Teaspoon Denim Shorts // Linen Jacket (Similar)
Michael Kors Bag // Black Sandals (similar) // Michael Kors Watch
Fedora // Chan LuuBracelet}


When you have cool friends, cute bikinis, and a beach...this is what happens. Even though there're twins, I say were triplets.

{Island Company Cute Bikini // Multicolored Milly Bamboo Bikini (similar)
// L*Space Bikini (Similar Here) // Free People Lacey Jean Shorts
Free People Colored Denim // Ruby and Jenna skirt (Similar Here) 
Jennifer Zeunner Cross Necklace // Gold and Turquoise necklace
Ray Ban Aviators and Clubmasters}

A Breath of Fresh Air

My Recent trip to the Bahamas left me with nothing but a deep tan and a feeling of relaxation that took days to wear off...

The Lion Fish Derby is a unique way to save the environment- while at the same time having fun. Lionfish are predators of important fish and crustaceans native to the Caribbean. They have beautiful but venomous spines and can injure anything or anyone in close contact. The objective is to raise awareness and help control local lionfish populations by holding competitions to capture lionfish and put them on the menu...They are delicious to eat. Learn more about how to save the reefs and maybe next time you're in the water don't hesitate to spear the lions!


Ripped denim, aviators and a bikini. Sounds about right to me. I'm lucky enough to call this beautiful beach my "backyard". I frequent this sanctuary  for long walks, shell collecting, book readings and of course having my skin sun kissed to perfection. Salty hair and a perfect tan are essential pieces to the perfect mermaid....

{Island Company beach cover-up // One of a kind Wayuu Bag
Bleached denim (old) similar here // Juicy Couture Bikini top (old)//
Trink Turk bikini bottom // Ray Ban aviators //  Essie "Boom boom room" }

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